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2017 Berlin international coil, motor, insulation and electrical appliances exhibition (CWIEME)

time:2017-04-06 09:10:03

Exhibition time: 20-22 June 2017

Host: British i2i Exhibition Group

China's organization: China Electronics Promotion Council

Exhibition site: Berlin International Exhibition Center, Germany

Exhibition cycle: one annual

An overview of the exhibition:

CWIEME Berlin coil exhibition was first held in Germany in 1996. It has been held once a year and has a history of 21 years. At present, it has developed into the world's largest professional exhibition of winding machines, coils, motors, magnets, insulation materials and transformer electrical manufacturing. In 2016, the exhibition area of the Berlin exhibition was over 40 thousand square meters, with a total of 6 pavilions, including Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Romania. 751 enterprises in 40 countries and regions, including Slovenia, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Korea, India, Turkey, China, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries, are basically equal to the number of exhibitors in the last year, including 158 Chinese exhibitors and ten thousand people. The audience is mainly from more than 100 countries and regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, North America, central and South America, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

I will be the largest group of groups in the exhibition in China. In 2016, I have a position in 5 pavilions, with a total of more than 70 enterprises participating in the exhibition, with the group of more than 100 people. The company mainly includes the insulation materials industry enterprises, magnetic materials industry enterprises, electromagnetic line industry enterprises, stamping parts and mould industry enterprises and related equipment industry enterprises.

At the same time, I will have the best stall position, 80% of the location is in the white gold area, the price of each standard stall is nearly 900 Euro cheaper than the host. At the same time, I will adopt a unified building, 2.5 meters high stand and a full range of stalls for many years, and can provide the exhibition approval and application information for the exhibitors applying for the subsidy of small and medium enterprises. .

Apart from Berlin, the exhibition has been held in Chicago, Turkey, Istanbul and Shanghai, China. I will not only be the largest group in the Berlin exhibition, but also the co sponsor of the Shanghai coil exhibition. Many Chinese electromagnetic coils, motor, transformer manufacturing and rewinding and electrical insulation enterprises have followed me for many years. The exhibition has provided the Chinese related enterprises to enter the European market and understand the Global Frontier information. The perfect platform.

The electronic information industry branch of China International Trade Promotion Committee, as an institution directly under the Ministry of industry and information, has been providing professional exhibition services for Chinese enterprises. Every year more than 70% of the customers in Berlin will join us in the exhibition next year. More exhibitors are more exhibitors and more participation.

Range of exhibits:

Control system and device class: All kinds of motor (motor); armature (magnetic core), motor control system and servo system, coil winding, driver, governor, CNC device, sensor, transformer inverter, switch equipment, converter, special equipment, electronic device and device and so on;

Material class: Various permanent magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials, magnetic materials production and testing equipment, magnetic conductivity, conductive materials, insulating materials, resins, adhesives, electric carbon products and electrical alloys, etc.

Test instruments and equipment class: Winding machine, wire feeder, beam line machine, drawing machine, laminating, impregnating machine, magnetizing machine, filling machine, terminal machine, stamping, cutting, welding, coating equipment, armature testing instrument, motor comprehensive performance tester, dynamic balance machine, electric quantity tester, dynamometer, insulation performance tester, magnetic measuring instrument, on-line inspection. Instrument, CAT, mechanical inspection equipment and so on.

Supporting products: Bearing, commutator, brush, commutator, mould, fan, iron core, shaft, punching piece, end cover, heat protector, wire, insulating material, engineering plastic, junction box, connector.

Participants: Manufacturers, exporters, international traders, service providers, etc. of electromagnetic coil, motor, transformer manufacturing and rewinding, and electrical insulation.