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Yamada motor, Japan's largest appliance retailer, is involved in electric vehicle business.

time:2017-11-27 16:03:22

According to domestic media reports, Japan's largest household appliance retailer Yamada motor will be involved in the pure electric vehicle business.

Japan's biggest home appliance business dabble in pure electric car business.

As the penetration threshold of pure electric vehicles is lower than that of ordinary gasoline vehicles, enterprises outside the auto industry also plan to launch products. The British household appliance company, known as a vacuum cleaner, also put forward a plan to develop pure electric vehicles by 2020.

At present, Yamada motor has carried out capital and business cooperation to Japanese FOMM company, which is engaged in pure electric vehicle business, and invested billions of yen to FOMM, and the proportion of capital contribution is about 10%.

FOMM was founded by a technician who worked in TOYOTA Electric's pure electric vehicle development, and designed and developed a light electric vehicle that can carry 4 people.